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Pet Stains

When you have urine stains, and odors are caused by the urine, there are a varieity of methods to help solve your problems.

First, we would like to educate you as to why there is a urine odor or stain problem. When the urine first contacts the carpet it is actually sterile! Urine contains largely salts, minerals and water.

Since there is always some bacterial around in the world the components of urine are just what the bacteria needs to become active.

Then as the spot dries the odor tends to go away (with out excess moisture and humidity you could not smell anything). Where things get a little more complex is that the urine also contained salt, and salt attracts moisture to it.

So when the humidity rises the salts attract moisture and the bacteria will become active again and start to create more stinky odors.

Thatís why our trained and certified service professionals will assess the level of contamination.

They will then recommend a cleaning procedure that is best suited for you situation.

Please contact us today so can enjoy a breath of fresh air for your home.

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